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Terms and Conditions of Hire

To be read and accepted by all persons hiring Llandogo Village Hall



All charges include use of lighting, heating and use of the kitchen. Please note, the oven/cooker may only be used by personnel trained in it is use


If use of the stage is required there is an additional charge of £60.

Main Hall Capacity

Events with seated dining e.g. weddings, balls etc.

Capacity: 100

Capacity for disabled, infirm, and children under 12: 75

Events with displays, stalls, etc. e.g. shows, exhibitions

Capacity: 180

Capacity for disabled, infirm, and children under 12: 135

Activity Events, e.g. dance classes, badminton

Capacity: 50

Capacity for disabled, infirm, and children under 12: 50

Standing Events, e.g. live bands, disco, with dancing

Capacity: 200

Capacity for disabled, infirm, and children under 12: 160

Standing Events, e.g. live bands with no dancing

Capacity: 240

Capacity for disabled, infirm, and children under 12: 180

Events with seated audience, e.g. school shows

Capacity: 140

Capacity for disabled, infirm, and children under 12: 140

Committee Room Capacity

All Events

Capacity: 25

Fire Precautions & Emergency Procedure

The hirer is the person responsible for implementing the safety procedure. (Full fire and emergency procedures are available in the User Guide at the hall) 

  • Reasonable safety precautions are to be observed and the appropriate action taken in the event of an emergency.

  • Emergency Exits must not be obstructed at any time.

  • Observe and enforce the no smoking policy.

  • Observe the location of all fire fighting equipment.


Full payment must be paid at least four weeks before the event.

Security Deposit (Functions only)

A security deposit of £100 for functions will be required with payment of the hire charges. The deposit will be fully refundable if no damage has been caused during the hiring.


It is the hirer’s responsibility to comply with current Food Hygiene Rules and Regulations. Any outside caterers should also comply with current regulations.


Alcohol can be served on the premises but not sold unless the seller has a licence. If required, temporary day licences are available form Monmouthshire County Council for a fee of around £30, please see their web site.

Use of Premises

  • The Hall, car parking area and surrounding areas should be left in the condition as found

  • The hirer shall be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any damage caused during the hire of the hall.

  • All damage and loss must be reported to the booking secretary as soon as possible.

  • The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all persons using the premises during the hire period.

  • Electrical equipment brought into the hall by the hirer must be in a safe working condition and preferably have a current PAT test label.

  • The hirer must ensure that all rubbish is removed from the hall. Except in the case of assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed in the hall without prior approval.

  • The hirer must ensure the noise level does not cause inconvenience to the occupiers of nearby houses and must finish by 11.00 pm.


  • The hirer of the hall must be over the age of 18 and shall be on the premises for the entire period of hire and shall not be engaged in any duties which prevent them from exercising general supervision.


The hiring of the hall can be terminated if

  • Any fee is not paid on time.

  • Any unacceptable behaviour is observed.

  • Any of the above conditions are broken or not complied with.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellations must be given at least 14 days before the event or the full fee is payable. Notification can either be by email or telephone call using the contact details on our website.

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